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Day 2 Weddings are fast becoming a specialty of mine. I can play music from drinks reception style all the way up to full on pub/wedding hits. I also DJ. You can have anything from solo up to 4 piece band!

Barry singing Day 2 weddings


I have all the wedding band and pub hits and I'm always picking up new songs - of all types, current hits and resurrected oldies. I watch whats popular and I try to do something new with old songs. Songs come and go and sometimes come back again. You only get a feel for that by playing live and I'm playing live for all sorts of ages and crowds every week. So I have everything from Waltzes and foxtrots to disco and rock, wedding first dances, Country, Irish, Reggae and pop. 

Barry McGrath T shirt Day 2 weddings
Stage image of Barry McGrath Band


Day 2 weddings tend to be earlier gigs 6-8 ish. Sometimes you may not be sure how things will pan out. Will the crowd have something to eat, a few drinks and a bit of a chat and think about calling it a night or will they go bananas til late?

You can tell me on the night that you'd like to carry on for another few hours. Or I can split it up into an hour of background drinks reception style music then an hour of DJ and then full on gig followed by more DJ. Or you can just leave it up to me to keep the show on the road for 4 or 5 hours. I've done that many times. I have good instincts as to when to blast it out and when to keep it background - always taking direction from the newly married couple.


I play with the Bansha Boys Wedding band. Any combination of instruments is possible from 2 piece with 2 guitars (Rocky Gig), 2 piece with SAX/Flute (Funky Gig), Accordion/Harmonica or the whole band. Solo or 2 piece would be most common - it's your choice!

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