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Normally I play the Church with 1 other musician.  I sing and play guitar,  you may have another instrumentalist.  We do a mix between Irish music and Classical and we cover a lot of the most popular wedding tunes and do a few unexpected ones.  We would use some discrete amplification.  When the Ceremony is finished we pack up and make our way quickly to the reception venue.  Guests can be quite slow to get back.  We set up at the venue in plenty of time to play for your guests and welcome you to the venue after you've had your photos done


In the drinks reception there would be 2 musicians again.  We play a mix of Irish Tunes/songs and maybe some Micheal Buble style numbers.  It adds a nice atmosphere - people often comment upon it.  Often we would use a small PA for this section.  It depends on the venue and the number of guests.  It's acoustic style with a bit of amplification if we need it.  Guests may listen for a while and then go in and out of conversations - so we're not too loud.  We play til dinner is called.  Drinks reception duration 1.5-2.5hrs.


If we're doing the whole day we then wait for you to go in for your meal and then we start shifting equipment.   Sometimes we can set up the band gear in a separate area but in most venues the band plays at the top table.  We get the gear as close as possible, lined up ready to go and we go get our dinner.


We then wait for the meal/speeches to finish (2.5-3hrs average duration). Once the area is cleared we can move into the room and set up.  The venue must clear the top table area and they may have to fit a dance floor - this can take some time.  We need 30/40mins to set up.  We can then kick off with your first dance.  The reception works a bit like this:


9:30 - 10:45  band first set

10:45 - 11:00 guest refreshments

11:00 - 12:15 band last set  (total playing time 2.5hrs min)

12:15 - 02:00  DJ set (immediate start)


We are flexible with timings.

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