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With Tommy and Conor from the first Big Jigs lineup about to hit the stage in Abu Dhabi

Doling out the Diddle-e-i with Frankie Mulcahy

with Tommy Byrnes Hooley Band in Donegal


Barry McGrath is an accomplished guitarist and singer.  He also plays Bouzouki, Mandolin and a range of hand percussion. He has recorded two Albums with the Big Jigs Band, played and/or recorded with many others including Anton Davila(Celtas Cortos), LadLane, Frankie Mulcahy, Whirligig, De Jimbe, Hugh McDonald(Redgum) and John Kendall. Barry has had extensive involvement in Choral music and traditional Irish music and has been involved in multicultural projects playing music from the celtic countries to as far away as Bangladesh, The USA and Australia.


He has written music for radio plays, played in wedding bands, played drums for international rugby matches, sang solo in the National Concert Hall(Ireland), played guitar for Celtic/African music, played Ski resorts, Sun Holiday Resorts and generally traipsed around the world.


As part of various projects, Barry has played music in Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, The UAE, Australia, the USA and Bangladesh.


In 2014, Barry decided to put together a small band with a big repertoire and a big sound to play weddings  and functions.  The Bansha Boys Band is the result.


with The Big Jigs Band in Donegal

I've played a lot of songs over the years.  In my teens it was classical and rock music. In my 20s, folk, Irish trad and rock music. In my 30s, country and - all the hits! Playing weddings and resorts will do that to you! A lot of this music has stayed with me and my solo gig consists of a mix of all of these.  If it's a quiet listening crowd, I have plenty of good stuff to play. If we're filling the dancefloor, I can do that too. I throw in a few originals now and then.


I keep it pretty simple - guitar and voice with quality mics, pickups and preamps.  I hit the overdrive and wah here and there.  I have a split pickup system run through an octaver that means I can play bass and guitar at the same time and I use a drum computer for kick drum in some songs.  I've nice backing tracks that I've made if I really need to blow the roof off.


Having played in a pro environment since the mid 90s, I come well prepared.  I carry 2 complete PA systems to every gig. I have every imaginable spare. 2 guitars, 2 mixers etc. The show must (and will) go on...........

The Jigabyte Band


Drastic Plastic with Frankie Mulcahy

My Cover of Songbird

The Blackwater set with John Kendall

My cover of The Voyage

My cover of You Raise me up

The Maid Of Fyffe from the Big Jigs Unreel Album

Cover of Weather with you with Seamus Ryan

Coilin Phadraig Sheamuis with Anton Davila

The Macedonian from the Big Jigs Unreel

Cover of The Wicklow Hills

Filling in with Ladlane

Urchnog Chein Mhic Cainte from The Big Jigs Unreel

I have all the Bands songs and many more from Trad and Folk to Rock'n'Roll and Country

with John Kendall in Australia

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